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SPFoodBank Door-to-Door (D2D) Face to Face fundraising continues to be an effective campaign for creating awareness and  generating funds for essential perishable foods.  Unlike other food banks who do not go D2D, SPFB does.

D2D fundraisers canvass throughout the year, on a quarterly basis, Sun-Fri, 5pm to 8:30pm rain, shine or snow.  Each fundraiser will have an ID tag, supporting documentation and donor acknowledgement receipts.  D2D fundraising is not held on Easter, Halloween, Christmas, Boxing or New Years Day. A Team Lead is in the field with canvassers each evening that they are in your community.

Canvassers are made up of single parents, seniors, students, persons with disabilities and of diverse cultural backgrounds. We provide an opportunity for our teams to gain valuable experience in the non-profit sector, build on skills and experience while being fairly compensated for it (see:  Living Wage Calculator).
SPFB is a registered non-profit organization and not a registered charity. We do not provide charitable tax deductible receipts. A majority of D2D donations are less than $200 - what we classify as micro donations. Donors who support SPFB do so to support the cause and not so much for the minimal charitable tax credit rates offered by CRA.
For informational purposes, CRA charitable tax credits may be estimated using the CRA Tax Credit Estimator. Tax credits are non-refundable and used to pay down outstanding taxes; if you do not owe taxes, you do not receive a refund.  For example, 2012 donations and tax credits (tc) are estimated as:
$10 =  $2.01 tc $40  =  $8.02 tc $80    = $16.05 tc $150 = $30.09 tc
$20 =  $4.01 tc $60  = $12.04 tc $100  = $20.06 tc $200 = $40.02 tc