Single parent families require longer-term financial strategies that not only include direct employment but supports that educate, empower and offer temporary crises assistance. Financial literacy contributes to a stronger understanding of budgets, spending habits and solutions for daily financial management that involve planning for the future.  Please contact these service providers directly for further information.

Offers a short term funding source that is available to families and individuals who are at risk for home eviction due to lack of, or shortage of, a monthly rent payment, utility arrears, damage deposit or other circumstance.  In addition we provide low income individuals with the tools to better manage their limited financial resources.

Provides interest free loans for people in danger of eviction or essential utility cut-off. We will also facilitate Financial Health workshops and resources,connections to other housing support services, and support for disputes with creditors.  The goals of the Vancouver Rent Bank are to 1) promote housing stability, 2) provide options to renters facing eviction due to a temporary financial crisis, and 3) reduce the high cost of homelessness.

Poverty is not only about money, it is also about not having access to the skills, resources, information, and choices necessary to get and maintain self-sufficiency.  Money Skills will help people on limited income to access objective money management information; to develop good money management skills; and to build a sense of confidence in making money decisions.  In this 4 week program you will learn about banking, budgeting, consumerism, and credit.

Many people in our community don’t have easy or affordable access to basic banking services, and it’s difficult to participate fully in community life without it. We believe basic financial education and services are essential to our members to build economic self-reliance. At Vancity, we work directly and with community partners to support people to get this access.


MSD Information

The Ministry of Social Development focuses on delivering responsive, innovative and integrated services to individuals and families by providing a strong system of supports to British Columbians. The Ministry provides support and assistance to people with disabilities and offers unemployed and underemployed British Columbians access to programs and services that allow them to find work, attach to the labour market and secure their future.

This booklet (update 2012 by Legal Services Society) is for people in British Columbia who need welfare.  Welfare is money and/or other benefits that the provincial government gives to people who are in need. There are rules about who can get these benefits.

  • News Release from Ministry of Social Development for October 1st, 2012.

VICTORIA - BC’s most vulnerable families are getting a helping hand thanks to income and disability assistance changes that take effect today. The changes, announced in June as part of the Families First Agenda, are designed to help vulnerable individuals and families attain better financial outcomes, assist people with disabilities to lead more independent lives, and help people capable of work avoid the cycle of income-assistance dependence.

Eligibility for BC Employment and Assistance programs is based on your income and assets. The ministry has a responsibility to ensure that its limited resources go to those people who need them most. That is why applicants are expected to take advantage of all other sources of income and assets before qualifying. If you are interested in applying for BC Employment and Assistance (BCEA), this page provides important and useful information you will need to proceed including a Self Serve Assessment and Application – to help determine if you are eligible and what you might receive.

 Hardship assistance is available to BC Employment and Assistance applicants who are not eligible for income assistance due to a variety of circumstances and who have proven that all other funding sources have been exhausted. Hardship assistance is time limited for the following categories: Income in Excess, Assets in Excess, Awaiting Other Income, Identity Not Established, Social Insurance Number (SIN) Required and Immediate Needs – Work Search Required. To be eligible for hardship assistance, a client or applicant must enter into an Employment Plan when requested. Hardship assistance continues to be issued for only one month at a time and eligibility must be re-established every month.